The Christmas Cat by Amy Imbody

Amy, the head of based in Ashland VA, offers this poem — read at least through the second stanza:

“The Christmas cat pounces
and races through places
where tinsel is likely to scatter.
When the humans all moan at the mess,
he alone must confess
he can’t see what’s the matter!
After all – this is Christmas!
It’s time for rejoicing –
he runs up the tree ‘til it’s leaning.
Only later at night,
by the glow of the Christmas tree light,
will he ponder its meaning:

The King of Beasts came as a cub in a cave;
His roar was reduced to a mew,
so that all of His creatures could come, unafraid
of His fierceness; the animals knew
that whenever a lion lies next to a lamb
it is usually for purpose of eating.
But this time was different – the creatures could see
his was purely a peaceable meeting.

And what name was given the Lion that night?
The Scriptures proclaim quite a number,
as this from St. John: “The Lamb of God,”
and so He seemed, in slumber.
Nobody guessed that this tiny cub
will come once again as True King,
forever resplendent in golden mane,
while His roar makes the galaxies ring!”

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