For Egypt

Praying for our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ:

In the last 12 months, over 200 Christians have been killed by Muslim terrorists in Egypt. Churches face severe restrictions on constructing or buying places for communal worship. Christian businesses are boycotted by Muslims who are 90% of the population.

Since 2011 an estimated 600 Coptic girls and women have been kidnapped. Muslim traffickers hide victims in specially rented apartments where they photograph girls as young as 12 being raped.The captors then threaten to send the photos to the girl’s family unless she converts to Islam. Once she reaches the legal age, she is either wedded to a Muslim husband or sent to Saudi Arabia where she can be sexually exploited and enslaved as a domestic servant. Most Coptic families don’t file official reports about abducted daughters because the police force is corrupt, and cultural shame would make their other daughters less eligible to find a good partner.

Prayer Points:

  • For Vivian, Briskam, Meray, Rasha, Hoda, Mary, and Christine who have been kidnapped in the last two months.
  • For Hanaa (and her four children) who was widowed last year when ISIS shot her husband who refused to deny Jesus Christ.
  • For the families who last month received the remains of the 20 Coptic men beheaded by ISIS 3 years ago in neighboring Libya.
  • For Copts who bless Muslim neighbors with food during Ramadan.
  • For Copts who boldy get tattoos of crosses on their wrists.

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