Our Uzbek brothers & sisters in Christ

Praying for Uzbekistan where 1% of the population is Christian:

Christian worship in the local Uzbek language is prohibited. Authorities raid non-registered churches, and confiscate Christian literature and music.

Converts from Islam bear the brunt of persecution: BarnabasAid reports that they are imprisoned for 15 days. During the first 4 days they are tortured in attempts to make them deny Jesus Christ. Then the evidence of their bruises are allowed to heal for 11 days before they are released.

Prayer Points:

  • For Baptists, Evangelicals, and Pentecostals who are amongst the most threatened, raided, fined, and arrested.
  • For converts placed under house arrest by their own families.
  • For Christian women forced to marry Muslim men.
  • Praise God that the church is growing despite severe persecution and some Christians emigrating from the nation.
  • Praise God, the first Bible in the Uzbek language was completed and printed 12 months ago.

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