A Lenten Confession

Loving God, you asked for our hearts — to humbly spread your compassion.
We hardened them — so people could suffer their own consequences.

You asked for our eyes — to see the hurting in the world.
We turned away — for the sights were ugly.

You asked for our ears — to hear the cries of the needy.
We tuned out — for the sounds were annoying.

You asked for our mouths — to speak out against injustice.
We gave you a whisper — that we might not be noticed.

You asked for our hands — to display your love and power.
We gave you a half measure — and then washed our hands of the world.

 You asked for our lives — that your image might shine through us.
We made calculated efforts to serve you — for we did not want to get too involved.

 Longsuffering Father, you did not send your Son into the world to condemn the world but to rescue it.
Have mercy on us. Reconcile us to yourself, to your ways, and to your mission in the world; through Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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