The Blue Sweater

A wonderful testimony from our diocesan communications director:


One of the things I am learning as I continue on this Unexpected Journey is to look for patterns of side-affects as I go through chemotherapy. In the beginning, it was all unknown. What would be my side-effects?  I read up on what to expect, but not everyone experiences the same thing. There were so many variables. So I sort of gave up trying to anticipate what was coming and just live it out. Now that I have passed the halfway mark, patterns have emerged and I am beginning to be able anticipate what will probably happen in the course of the treatment and be ready.

One of the side-effects comes just a couple of days before I start the next treatment. The side-effect is what I guess you’d call the blues.

I’ve had times of feeling sad and even deep sadness and grief, but this was different. This was…

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