Increasing Spiritual Capacity to Redeem Life’s Losses

Loss came suddenly for Dr. Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a catastrophic accident claimed three generations of his family: his wife, his young daughter, and his mother. Plumbing the depths of sorrow and pulling the curtain on his struggles with God, Sittser shares an honest and helpful chronicle of life shattered by tragedy in A Grace Disguised.  There’s no ‘arm-chair’ self-help here . . . only wise advice earned the hard way — through personal experience.

Whatever type of loss you’ve suffered — a loved one, health, job, life’s dreams — it creates an opening for pain to invade life. Feeling pain and grief are not bad reactions . . . God has created us to have these feeling in response to the tragedies that afflict us in this broken world. The problems come, however, when pain and grief dominate our life and tempt us into becoming a cynic or stoic . . . against life, against God, and against others.

No matter life’s circumstances, what is ultimately important is how we respond to them. God can widen our spiritual capacity to experience blessing and growth in the midst of grief. We can, if we choose to do so, allow God to redeem and transform our losses into grace. Let us know if we can help.

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