‘A Discretion to Kill’ . . . becomes ‘A Prohibition against Protection’ . . . becomes ‘A Mandate to Kill’

by Harry K. Zeiders

Hats off to any doctors and medical professionals in the Global North who are trying to safeguard the sanctity of life these days.  And hats off to all those seeking healing and cures for excruciating afflictions.

When it comes to actively terminating life, the secularized state effectively says doctors have “broad and legitimate discretion” to do so as they see fit.  But when it comes to objecting to participation in the termination of life, the powers-that-be too often in too many places claim that medical professionals have no discretion . . . participation in terminating life is mandatory.

Here are but a handful of recent examples:

#1 — The discretion to kill can even go against a boy fighting for his own life. This . . . in a state where 111 people were euthanized in just the last 6 months of 2016 — California:


What does it say about our culture, when a doctor and his staff — entrusted with saving lives — cynically dismiss signs of life?

#2 — A doctor who exercises such discretion also looks like this: “To ensure the patient’s compliance, the doctor gave her coffee spiked with a sedative, and, when the woman still recoiled from the needle, asked family members to hold her down. After 15 minutes were spent by the doctor trying to find a vein, the lethal infusion flowed.”  This . . . in a nation often hailed as a libertarian model for the USA — the Netherlands:


What does it say about a culture, when a geriatric specialist insists on killing a patient who resists?

#3 — But when it comes to medical professionals objecting to having a hand in terminating a patient’s life, the public establishment has said that physicians have no ground to stand on. They cannot object. Forced participation. This . . . in another progressive model for the USA — Canada:


What does it say about a culture, when we criminalize those seeking to protect vulnerable patients?

#4 — A Catholic nursing home was fined for having the audacity to refuse facilitating euthanasia on its premises. This . . . in the civilized microcosm of Belgium:


What does it say about a culture, when we penalize Christians upholding the sanctity of life?

If it were up to Planned Parenthood and other lobbyists who monetize the termination of life, medical professionals in the USA would also be stripped of any conscientious objections against the blackhole of a mandate to kill.

God forbid that we come any closer to manifesting the dystopian prophecies of Soylent Green . . . whose scene was set in 2022.

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